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Derek & I were talking about corset piercings and we were disagreeing on whether it was sexy or not, so I decided to ask you to show him that I am always right (plus I want to know what you think) and I won't tell you who thought it was attractive or not so as not to affect your decisions :)

What do you think, yes or no?

I know this is a little bit late, but if you have 5 minutes to spare, it's worth it... it's a really funny video about voting for the election with a million different celebrities.

Okay guys... here's the deal:

I just checked my bank account aaaaaand it contains 9 dollars. So don't buy me ANYTHING for christmas or whatnot because as much as I love all of you, you're only getting cookies.

Merry Christmas!

pictures of our newly decorated room & one from dorm wars (we won!)

 Real quick update:

Two weekends ago, suprised Derek at Marist. Was perfect:
Becky: (standing outside Derek's door): *calls Derek*
Derek: (hears phone ring & opens the door because he knows there is no service to talk inside) *answers phone* "hello?"
Becky: (hangs up phone since Derek is right there in the doorway) "hey"
Derek: *jaw drop*
Becky: *suprise success!*

Then proceeded an amusing weekend of stand up comedian Jim Gaffigan, guitar hero, movies, and living in a house full of testosterone full boys and trying to retain my femininity. And  Derek. And real food. Becky was happy. Very.

Last weekend, Grandma & Grandpa took me to my Uncle's house to celebrate my cousin's 3rd birthday. Julia is very cute, calls flip flops 'slip slops' and insisted on wearing mine the whole weekend. Her older brother Joshua (4 1/2 years) is in love with me & was attached to my hip the entire weekend, I let him because he finally realized that my name is Becky and not Bucky. Lastly Hannah is the newborn (10 weeks) and I immediately took my claim over her because I love babies and I have a weird maternal instinct and children & babies love me. It was my first time seeing her and she makes me want a baby. But later. Unfortunatley, her great grandma (not on my side) is a BABY STEALER and a very annoying person. She assumes that since I live an hour away and I am their cousin, I see them all the time, truth is she sees them way more than me cause she doesn't have CLASSES or HOMEWORK to do during the weekends so she comes to see them all the time. 
Grandma- holding Hannah
Hannah- starts to cry
Grandma- gives me Hannah, because she 'can't stand the sound of a crying baby'
Becky- with her awesome cousin skills calms Hannah down
Hannah- falls asleep in my arms
Grandma- 'offers' to take Hannah back because she must be heavy
Becky- (realizing Grandma only wants Hannah back because she is asleep) says well she seems comfortable & I wouldn't want to wake her up
Grandma- (5 minutes later) Can I hold the baby for you so you can eat something?
Becky- No thanks I just had a slice of pizza.
Grandma- gets up, TAKES BABY from Becky's arms and ASKS BECKY to get her a glass of water. With ice. *Grandma scores a point*
Becky- (in the kitchen) thinks about spitting in the water but instead decides to be a good person.
Hannah- wakes up & starts to cry. A lot.
Becky- (mentally) *Score one and Becky is on the board!*
Grandma- tells Hannah's mother (Melissa) that baby is crying, could she take the baby please?
Melissa- (busy with changing the other 2 kids and trying to make dinner) Could you give her to Becky, she's good with Hannah & I'm a little busy right now.
Becky- (mentally) *Score two and Becky takes the lead (and the baby)!*
Grandma- pout.
Becky- smirk.
Hannah- falls back to sleep.

Yeah I know I'm a bitch. Also, I found out that that guy I used to like in 7th grade (Peter) who I met at my Aunt & Uncles wedding is:
my Dad's brother's wife's Dad's brother's son. So is that weird? Haha.

School is going well, I feel confident that I am going to pass Chemistry this time. Which is good, because I miss my vet classes. A lot. All the people who have them still are like 'Aw this sucks I have farm animal lab for like 4 hours today! I have to get all muddy and practice artificially inseminating a cow...blah' Yeah, well I would pay money to stick my arm up a cow's vagina right now.

Haha, I'm just kidding, that's not what they're doing. I just said that because it was funny. Okay well I should stop procrastinating against my homework... yay intercultural communications.
Well here I am back in college. Well, I've been back for a week but I haven't exactly been updating that much...

Our room is okay, bigger than last year but not as cozy. Our room is right outside of the cafeteria, so we can always smell whats going to be for dinner or complain about how our room always smells like somethings burning... I miss Berkshire too, this one is just too big and I miss knowing everyone. Oh well, I'm sure I will grow to like Knight. My schedule is pretty awesome too. All of my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday, with one night class on Monday, which leaves me with about 8 to 9 hours of class on those two days, and a 3 hour chemistry class on Monday, but I have NO CLASS on Wednesdays or Fridays! Yeah so that pretty much rocks. It'll give me a lot of time to get stuff done like homework. And sleep. 

Downside is... it's so boring. I'm sure that once my classes have really started and I have homework to do, it will be great but there is nothing to do here, nowhere to go & it kind of sucks. I have lots of time to sit around and realize how much I miss Derek. And then pick fights with him because I'm an idiot. But anyways. I do miss him a lot. Boo college.

Oh yeah and the showers here suck ass. They don't even give out a stream of water, it's more like a mist. It takes like 5 minutes to get my hair wet & forever to get the shampoo out. Haha I'm lucky I don't have ridiculously long hair. It sucks too that our building is both girls & guys on the same floor so we can't just wrap a towel around us and go walking to the shower like last year with our all girls floor. Thats okay though I can't complain.

Yep. Okay thats all for now... hope everyone else is doing okay ^_^
Oh livejournal, how I've been neglecting you this summer. There have been camping trips, paintball escapades, amusement parks, parties, softball games, visits with Aunts & Cousins, friends, Dereks (well, only one Derek), milkshakes, canoeing adventures, movies, and more. I owe you a huge entry... but it will have to wait till probably next Monday cause I'm gone all this week with my family & this coming weekend is busy with even more parties and visits with Aunts & Cousins (although these ones are not mine). So yeah, I am still alive & kickin & I am happy, and I will promise to write more when I am back and have a spare moment.
I can already tell this week is going to go by so slowly. Today just seemed to drag on and on but luckly I didn't have anything to do after work so I had some time to sort of relax. This Thursday I decided to spend the night at the all-camp sleepover which I can't tell if I'm excited about or dreading. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to handle 18 sugarcrazy girls from 9 in the moning until 4 the next day, and getting them to go to sleep and stay asleep as well. But I do feel obligated to stay for at least one night (even though I'm not required to) & the girls have been begging me to stay since two weeks ago and I might as well stay so that I can help out my other councellors so it's not just the two of them with all the girls. 

The good news is I'll be missing a softball game which I have slowly started to not enjoy after I started becoming not-so-good. I feel bad because I'm the only person on our team who is actually willling to be catcher because no one else likes it, but the thing is, I can't catch. So I end up chasing the ball all over the place and people on the team are trying to give me tips but you know what, if you're so great at catching the ball why don't you do it yourself? And of course when I finally get the ball, my arm is so bad that I can't even throw it to the pitchers mound, it just goes off to the side or if by some miracle I actaully get it in the right direction, it never actually makes it to the pitcher and she has to walk a few steps forward to get it. Aaand I used to be able to hit the ball every time I was up at bat, but for some reason for the last few games I've struck out every single time, which does nothing for my self esteem. I really don't want to play anymore & I get this vibe that none of team really likes me as a player (which is completely understandable) but I also feel like I have to play because my mom asked me if I would sign up in case there weren't enough players & I could stand in the waaaay outfield, and she's really excited that I'm on the team. Whatever.

I guess my problems seem so trivial compared to everyone elses. Who cares about softball anyway.
Hellooooo all...

I'm not dead! I just have been a little busy lately so I haven't updated in a while. I finally have a job & it's awesome, I work as a camp counsellor for a girl scount camp and I love it! I get to be outdoors all day and work with kids and go swimming & boating and do arts & crafts and hiking and all kinds of stuff. Its great. 

I've done so much stuff over the summer like canoeing and my first year anniversary with Derek (which was amazing and I love that boy) and I've seen tons of movies and there have been picnics and parties with friends and conflicts and resolutions (sorf of) and Apples to Apples, sleepovers, swimming, trampolines, dinners at diners, running around the green, parades, work, softball, and I never get a chance to write about them. It has however been a great summer.

Yeah so I have to go to sleep now cause I'm tired, just lietting you  know I'm still alive ^_^